Cumin Roasted Potatoes

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5 white potatoes, peeled and cubed
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon pink himalayan salt
1 teaspoon black pepper
2 tablespoons minced garlic
2 teaspoons cumin

1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C.
2. Place the potatoes in a bowl with the olive oil, salt, pepper, cumin and garlic; toss until the potatoes are well coated.
3. Put the potatoes on a cookie sheet and spread out into 1 layer.
4. Roast in the oven for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Flip at halfway (25 minutes) with a spatula.
5. Enjoy! If you don’t have an oven, you can use a toaster oven instead. It will just take longer and can only do small batches.

Let’s Talk Nutrition:
• a good source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, copper, potassium, manganese, and dietary fiber.
• contain a variety of phytonutrients that have antioxidant activity.
• May have the potential to lower blood pressure
• Vitamin B6–Brain Cell and Nervous System Activity

Warning: potatoes are part of the nightshade family so those people with any inflammation should limit their consumption of potatoes


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