Activated Nuts

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activated nuts

What are activated nuts?

Click here to find out.

12-24 hrs soaking + about 12-24 hours drying

2 cups raw almonds
1 cup raw walnuts
enough water to cover the almonds and walnuts in separate bowls

1. Soak the almonds and the walnuts (separately) in the water for 12 hrs.
NOTE: After soaking, the nuts will look nice and puffy and may even start to show signs of sprouting. (You can see this in the picture above.)

2. Rinse the nuts under running filtered water.

3. Drying the nuts on low heat: So we have to dry out the nuts on low heat – either in a dehydrator or on the lowest temperature your oven. This will take anywhere from 6-24 hrs, depending on the temperature you’re using. The nuts will be done when they feel dry. I dehydrated mine for 7 hours at 60C.


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